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The 1994 4-man team on its way to a 14th place finish, 8th nation in bobsleigh while beating the USA as well as Swiss, Italian, and Russian teams.

The Jamaica Bobsleigh Team just before it set the Olympic record in the start at the Salt Lake City Games, 2002

Back a Team that's a Proven Winner. Become a Jamaica Bobsleigh Team Partner


The Jamaica Bobsleigh Federation is seeking to retain a major sponsor through the 2010 Olympic Winter Games to be staged in Vancouver, Canada. The sponsor will be afforded the right to use Jamaica Bobsleigh Team images, athletes and officials to promote its products and services and to highlight causes and issues of its choosing.





Team Background

The Jamaica Bobsleigh Team debuted at the 15th Olympic Winter Games in 1988 in Calgary, where it achieved and has subsequently sustained unprecedented popularity in the Winter Games. Walt Disney's popular motion picture "Cool Runnings” tells the story of the Calgary team, and remains one of the most rented movies on DVD and played on the Disney Channel. The team’s appeal and popularity has grown tremendously over the years, for example, during the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano Japan, IBM's electronic fan mail address drew over 130,000 letters. The Jamaican Bobsled Team received the third highest number of letters, behind only Japan's Olympic team and the U.S. hockey team. The enduring appeal of the team is reflected by its adopted slogan - "The Hottest Thing On Ice."

Since Calgary, the team has developed into a competitive force in the sport of bobsleigh with many notable achievements including:

  • A 14th place finish in the 4-man event at the 1994 Olympic Winter Games where Jamaica beat the USA and other powerful traditional teams and was ranked 8th in the sport of bobsleigh in the world
  • 2 and 4–man world push champions in 2000 and 2001
  • Olympic start record in the 2-man event at the Salt Lake City Games, 2002

Presently, the Jamaica Bobsleigh Team is the most searched for Winter Olympic team on Google.


Sponsorship Perspective - Core Emotional Message

Olympic athletes are generally perceived as exemplifying the virtues of dedication, tenacity and competitiveness. While most Olympians share these characteristics, the Jamaican Bobsled Team possesses a unique characteristic - against all odds and overwhelming obstacles they took on the dominant forces in their sport. They have proven themselves to be worthy competitors and have earned the respect of their fellow athletes and the general public. As your Company’s representative, the team can also:

  • Enhance brand recognition
  • Generate public excitement and interest
  • Symbolize the rush and excitement associated with competition and extraordinary achievement
  • Convey an appropriate role model and public image
  • Touch an emotional cord with virtually any target market

Partnership Perspective

The following benefits would accrue to your Company:

  • Use of Jamaica Bobsleigh team images, athletes and officials for marketing campaigns
  • Company colors and design paint scheme on 2-man and 4-man bobsleighs used during competitive and training events, except the Olympic Games,
  • Company colors and design scheme on outer-wear and speed suits worn during training and competition, except the Olympic Games,
  • Display of the Company’s logo on clothing worn by athletes and officials during television appearances and spot interviews on television world-wide,
  • Acknowledgment of sponsorship and mention of your Company by officials and athletes during press and electronic media interviews,
  • Company signage on vehicles used by the Team and officials while traveling in North America and Europe,
  • Use of Jamaica Bobsleigh logo / name in conjunction with your Company’s logo on merchandise, i.e. T-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, water bottles, winter wear, etc.
  • Appearance of athletes at promotional events,
  • Hospitality opportunities including courtesy rides in the bobsleigh with Team members for your Company and its clients, and other similar activities. Your Company’s hospitality tent could be set up at competitions including the World Championships and Olympic Games.
  • Any other mutually agreed upon programs / activities based on your company’s marketing initiatives.


Sponsorship Perspective – Team Requirements

The Jamaica Bobsleigh Federation (JBF) believes, based on the history of the team’s performance and the wealth of athletic ability in Jamaica, that the Jamaican Bobsleigh Team can win a medal at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada. Jamaica has the athletes, the experience, the commitment and the determination to win a medal, what is required now is a committed sponsorship partner that shares its inclination for visioning beyond what is immediately apparent and beyond what is immediately achievable; a partner with a shared passion for excellence. The Gold Medal Budget is US$500,000 per season for the 2008-2009, and the 2009-2010 seasons.


Your Company can take advantage of the unique opportunity to retain the services of the most recognized team in Winter Olympics history as it goes for the gold in 2010. There are only a handful of mental images that immediately come to mind when one thinks of either the Winter or Summer Olympic games - this is your Company’s opportunity to be associated with one of them. For additional information please Contact us:


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